About Us

Welcome to the Caribbean!

Welcome to the Caribbean.

Janssen de Jong Caribbean has been active since the 1950’s and has grown considerably since starting out. We are active in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Martin, St. Eustatius, and Saba. We offer a wide range a wide range of services in the areas of production, infrastructure, construction, maintenance & renovation, sustainability, and project development. These include services such as road construction, maritime and civil concrete construction, residential and non-residential construction, project development, the extraction of raw materials, the production of building materials, 3D concrete printing, recycling, demolition and much more.


Our vision is to provide a memorable experience to the customer by unburdening them, being accessible and offering competitive prices.


Our mission is to generate profit and ensure continuity through an innovative and people-oriented work organization.

Core Values

Courage. Together. Studious. Venturous. Solution-oriented.

Core Values

Our Company History

  1. We first established in the Caribbean on the island of Curacao with CWM in 1953.

  2. In 1961 we expanded to Aruba

  3. In 1963 we expanded to the island of Bonaire with the company BWM

  4. Finally, in 1986 we expanded to the Windward Island establishing in St Martin first and then gradually added Statia, Saba, and Anguilla to our portfolio.

Meet The Team

Get to know our team in the Caribbean striving for fast, trustworthy, accessible and innovative services


Kurt Verbist

Director Business Cluster

Simon Jaeqx

Area Controller

Daisy Seferina

Contract & Risk Manager

Caresse Josefa

Executive Assistant

Victoria Viana

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Curaçao & Bonaire

Trusted By More Than 650,000 Happy People.

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Pierre Montessant

Director CWM & BWM

Angelo Bonevacia

General Manager BIB & 3D Concrete

Piet van Heijningen

General Manager Curaçao Mining Company

Windward Islands

Michiel Witteveen

General Manager


Mattijs Bijen

Director AWM

Gerco Rijkers

Director ALBO Aruba