EWP Celebrates 25 years

February 1, 2023

Recently Eigen Woning Plan (EWP) celebrated its fifth anniversary in which it, in collaboration with the Government of Curaçao, serves the people of Curaçao with dedication by building affordable housing. The director of EWP, Mr. Wendell Bonafacio, looks back with pride on the achievements of EWP, including the construction of more than 700 homes, the development of new neighborhoods and the contribution of EWP to the social development of Curaçao. He is also proud of the fact that EWP has continued to develop and improve its construction approach over the years for the benefit of customers. “EWP stands for quality and a memorable experience. Despite the relatively low prices of the homes, our customers can be assured of quality. We are committed to continuing to serve the customer until they are satisfied with their new home,” said Mr. Bonafacio In the coming years, EWP hopes to build many more affordable homes for the people of Curaçao.

It has been 25 years since EWP opened its doors at the request of the then government, with the aim of building affordable housing for the Curaçao people. These housing projects are the result of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the government that facilitates the areas on which developers build high-quality and affordable houses for those with less spending power. The main goal of the PPP was and still is to alleviate the high demand for land for building one’s own home through the Domein Beheer waiting list. Residents are familiar with registering for a leasehold site and then waiting for many years. This process takes a very long time, and few people succeed in building their own house via this route.


EWP has been the main catalyst of the PPP concept for 25 years to give people the opportunity to buy their own home in the short term. EWP’s first housing project was carried out in 2004 with the construction of 229 houses in Cas Cora Nobo. EWP has established the entire residential area, invested in the infrastructure of the utilities and in the (access) roads so that the residents can mobilize. Other successful housing projects have been carried out in the Mahuma, Bista Musikal and Acrópolis districts.

In addition to its successes, EWP has also been able to overcome various challenges over the past 25 years. In addition to external challenges such as the pandemic and controlling construction costs due to inflation so that the homes could still be offered affordably, EWP also had to adapt its internal operations. This is because buyers are becoming more and more critical. “The new generation is much more critical and that is their right. This keeps us on our toes and helps us to continuously improve quality,” said Mr. Bonafacio. Previously, the buyer’s focus was on owning a home in which he or she could live in in peace. Nowadays, customers are prepared to pay for their own home only if it meets certain specific requirements and preferences.


Despite the challenges, EWP continues to focus on helping and guiding customers in the process of achieving affordable housing. Challenges result in improving our services and products, with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of our customers.

EWP is currently working on the Flor Tropikal project in the Montaña Bou area, with approximately 149 modern and affordable homes. These homes offer buyers the option, in the long term and based on their needs and possibilities, to expand the house with a room or a bathroom. 

Interested parties can register today on the website of www.eigenwoningplan.com to see if they are eligible for a home. In addition, it is possible to contact our colleague Thasha Reina York by email sales@ewp.jajo.com or by phone 433-8500.